Whizkeys Tollroads for Android and iOS

Updates to our apps

Hello all - just wanted to let our users know that although we try to keep all our tollroads apps updated, we are going to slowly start phasing out the apps that do not have many users, so we can focus on other projects.

The following apps will continue to be updated and supported:

Penna Turnpike
Ohio Turnpike
Indiana Tollroad
New Jersey Turnpike

Thank you for your understanding.

New App! Moving Organizer - debuts in Google Play Store and Amazon Aspsotore

Are you planning a move, or have moved recently, and feel overwhelmed by all the boxes? Here is an app for you that will help you organize and take control of your move. Keep track of your boxes with its content, picture, and description, and search quickly as you find and unpack them after you move. We built it for ourselves when we moved, and it was a great feeling to know exactly where our things were, and exactly how much we had left to unpack. Check this one out - its free!

Check it out at Our Affiliate Site, SmartRF Solutions

Version 1.10-1.12 is now out for our iOS apps!

Versions 1.10-1.12 of our Tollroads apps containing all new 2014 toll content and fixes to UI and toll avoidance calculators are now on the app stores! All free updates to our current paid customers! Many new features will be coming in 2014. We'll keep you posted!

About Whizkeys

Whizkeys is a division of SmartRF Solutions, LLC. We are a group of independent developers with a love for the mobile platform. In addition to developing our own apps, we also train groups about the platforms. And we are located right here in the US. If you are interested in how you or your organization can benefit from mobile applications development, please contact us at support@smartrfsolutions.com

Virtual Assistant - a new teaser app from Whizkeys!

We are excited to announce the release of our teaser app called "Virtual Assistant" - this app is a demonstration of how Virtual and Augmented reality can be used to enable remote assistance for any mobile user. This is just an initial release and mainly has entertainment values, but does provide users with the capability that mobile devices can bring to us. Think of it as Onstar for anyone with a mobile device.

It is currently available on the Android platform only - an iOS version is in the works.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whizkeys.vaclient
Amazon appstore: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AEF9E1W

Garden State Parkways 2012 now Available on Android and iOS!

Garden State Parkways

Garden State Parkway, one of the busiest toll roads in terms of the number of toll transactions in the US, is now added to our list of Tollroads apps for Android and iOS! Check it out!

2012 Editions of Whizkeys Tollroads apps are now available!

The 2012 editions of the Whizkeys tollroads apps are now available on Android market, and under review on iOS and will be available very soon. We have deicded to provide the new editions as a free upgrade to our 2011 paid customers! Please submit high ratings so that we can keep these updates available to you for free! The 1.07 versions on Android include bugfixes, new toll rates for Penna Turnpike, and general refreshes for the new year. Check them out!

Our Android apps are now on Amazon Appstore!

Our tollroad apps are now available through the Amazon appstore, so if you have a device that cannot use Android Market, you can still download our apps from Amazon. And the price is always 99 cents! Check it out!

Denver E-470 Tollroad for Android
Indiana Tollroad for Android
Ohio Turnpike for Android
Penna Turnpike for Android
New Jersey Turnpike for Android

Latest improvements to our apps

Version 1.08 for Android includes some bugfixes and info on our latest addition - Garden State Parkway! The iOS versions will be updated as soon as the Garden State Parkway app has gone through Apple's review process.

Version 1.07 for both Android and iOS apps have been updated to 2012 editions!

Version 1.05 for our iOS apps are now in the Appstore! This new version enables the iOS5 SDK, implements multiple routes in external maps, and fixes a minor bug in displaying the activity monitor in ROI calculations.

Version 1.04 (iOS) and Version 1.05 (Android) for Indiana, Ohio, Penna, New Jersey and E-470 are now available on Android and iOS! This version includes several update, including a UI refresh, better support for iPad (for the iOS version), better location acquisition, small bugfixes for New Jersey, ability to view the FAQ, review the app and view other apps from your app, better presentation of ROI calculations, etc. Enjoy!

Version 1.03 (iOS) and Version 1.04 (Android) for Indiana, Ohio, Penna and New Jersey are now available on Android and iOS! This version includes information on all the amenities available at various service plazas. Check it out! This version also includes a few stability and performance improvements and its a free update so please check it out! And keep the reviews and feedbacks coming. This feature was actually requested by one of our users. Thank you all for the support.


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